Monday, July 10, 2006

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WASHINGTON GOES TO ASPEN: Clinton asks Rove, (via Fallows, in Aspen), what he would have done if Clinton’s political advisor had blown the cover of a CIA agent. Rove responds to Clinton, (via Isaacson, also in Aspen), with an expertly crafted hypothetical. Small world…

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After supporting your initial posts, disagree as I did, I'm heartily disappointed in this one,
like anything on Huffington has an iota of fact/truth to it. Every supposition in the links is either blatantly false or highly dubious and unsupported in any way!
Also, in your previous post, while Hitch has it right on Iraq, on virtually every other political topic he would be on Kos/Atrios/Huffington.
He truly needs to read, as, I think you do as well, some history.
Say, from the Right, Paul Johnson's "Modern Times", and, from the Left, James Patterson's "Grand Expectations".
Re. Clinton and Rove. Fact 1: Clinton was asked by Fallows, if given the chance what one question he would ask Rove. Fact 2: The question was relayed to him by Isaacson in a interview at the same event the next day. I thought that both the question by Clinton and the response by Rove were clever. Surely you can see the humour in this establishment back and forth?

Re. Hitch and Vietnam. The very fact that indeed, many of his positions would find a comfortable home on the left, as they did for many years, is what makes his voice so unique, or at least of interest. As for Southeast Asian history - while I certainly wouldn't claim expertise on Vietnam, I have worked extensively with the world authority on Cambodian history, and would be more than happy to discuss, as I will in future posts, any aspect of US involvement in the country since the second Indochinese war.
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