Monday, August 28, 2006

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IRAN: A TEST OF EUROPEAN RESOLVE. Suzanne Nossel explains. Suzanne also observes that:
In order to enjoy [sufficient] leverage [at the UN] it's essential that the US never renounce unilateral action, or suggest that - when fundamental US or global security matters are at stake - we will act only when external support can be mustered. We've learned in Iraq that, as a practical matter, acting alone is brutally difficult. But having the ability to do so is often essential to enlisting others to support us.
That's some pretty unexpected analysis from a staunch Democrat. Then again, Suzanne probably wouldn't stand a chance of winning any primaries in Connecticut.
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That's kind of dumb. What you are implying in as many words is that Democrats are in favor of giving the UN a veto and that Nossel is the exception that proves the rule.

Really. You can do better than that.
Actually, Democrats are in favor of giving the UN a veto when a Republican is in the White House.

And, while one may well wonder if Nossel will be Liebermaned, it appears that, having spoken in general principles and not having gone out of her way to support certain less than desirable heads of state, she's safe. So far.
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