Tuesday, September 26, 2006

# Posted 5:42 AM by Patrick Porter  

CYBERTERRORISM: An interesting article by Evan Kohlmann in the latest Foreign Affairs.

He argues that the web is not just a site for sabotage and systems disruption, the fear that dominates governments when they think about cyber-terrorism.

The web is also used in other ways by jihadists, to co-ordinate and mobilise as a place of communication.

But this offers opportunities as well as threats:
The very resilience of terrorists' propaganda networks can be turned in Washington's favour. Since it would be nearly impossible to identify and disable every jihadist news forum on the Internet given the substantial legal and technical hurdles involved, it would make more sense to leave those Web sites online but watch them carefully. These sites may work as online recruiting stations, but they also offer Western governments unprecedented insight into terrorists' ideology and motivations.
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