Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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IN THE FRAME: Al Qaeda has now officially widened its crusade to France by aligning itself with Algerian Islamists.

In May this year, Bin Laden named China as another front in his global struggle.

In June, authorities thwarted a group 'inspired by Al Qaeda' plotted to carry out an attack in Canada.

In September, there was a failed attempt to blow up two German trains, by two men who were radicalised within Germany via Al Qaeda propaganda on the web.

France, China, Canada, Germany. What does this say about who they choose to direct their hostilities towards?

Is the new importance of the web to their operations actually changing their conception of who is their enemy?

If the web has replaced the training camp as the new training ground and the new place of rhetorical incitement, are they more tempted now to see decadence, corruption and persecution all around them?

Instead of seeing the enemy as a series of countries, is their foe now defined in the virtual sphere as something that can be as easily attacked on a train in Germany, a shopping mall in Canada or a bus in France?

If Prussia was an army in search of a state, are Islamists now loosely related armies everywhere in search of enemies anywhere?

Or will Sweden always be safe?
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If the web is "the new place of rhetorical incitment", I guess OxBlog is part of the problem.

Here's to hari-kiri.
is not this just what war is in a network age wher the power of idenety (subculturer like militas religous rhigt and earth first )have more influnce then passports and history ?

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