Sunday, October 01, 2006

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RETURN OF RUMPOLE: Novelist John Mortimer is thinking of reviving Rumple, the corpulent barrister, lover of bad wine, the raconteur, defender of the ancient liberties of Britons:
Such abandonment of our civil liberties as this, the diminishing right to silence, the partial elimination of jury trials and, in some cases, placing the burden of proof on the defence are all, in Rumpole's view, a victory for the terrorists who want to change our way of life.
Long live Rumpole!
I wonder if we could get him in as a guest blogger at Oxblog? His uncompromising stance on civil liberties in wartime might arouse some argument in the 'comments' section.
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Reading Rumpole is a good way to remind yourself that the only thing that gave him any life was the late Leo McKern.
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