Monday, October 16, 2006

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SECULAR DOGMATIST: Secularists can be dogmatic too, as Terry Eagleton argues, against the scientist and leading critic of the churches, Richard Dawkins (hat-tip normblog):
Such is Dawkins's unruffled scientific impartiality that in a book of almost four hundred pages, he can scarcely bring himself to concede that a single human benefit has flowed from religious faith, a view which is as a priori improbable as it is empirically false. The countless millions who have devoted their lives selflessly to the service of others in the name of Christ or Buddha or Allah are wiped from human history - and this by a self-appointed crusader against bigotry.
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Richard Dawkins is a wonderful example of how athiests can be just as fanatical as any religious believer, indeed that fanaticism is a human, not a religious, vocation.
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