Wednesday, January 03, 2007

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WHY DO BAD GUYS ALWAYS GET THE GOOD LINES WATCH: I’m counting four: ‘The hell that is Iraq?’ (in response to ‘go to hell’); ‘Do you consider this bravery? (to chants of ‘Moqtada’); ‘Saddam insisted on smoking cigars and drinking coffee to keep his blood pressure down’, according to his nurse, M Sgt Robert Ellis, in health and fitness advice that would do this blog proud; ‘I will be your brother’, to Sgt Ellis, when the master sergeant left his duty station because his brother was dying. (1 and 2 from the Guardian, 3 from the Associated Press, 4 from the BBC).
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At least his scriptwriters didn't give him a British accent.

Now is Ahmedinejad going to inherit his speechwriter?
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