Sunday, March 18, 2007

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FRUM ON STEYN: This, fresh of the wires!:
More fundamentally, I think we need to be very wary of assuming that every Muslim is a radical Muslim; that every immigrant to Europe must be an enemy to the existing European order.
What a relief. Belton, do you want to pass this wonderful news on to your Pakistani friends. I am also sure that there will be some comforted colleagues at SOAS and Oxford...
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Talk about a straw man argument! It isn't necessary that every Muslim be a radical or opposed to Western civilization for Islam to pose an immense danger to the West. It is only necessary that the "moderate" Muslims (if they really exist) provide cover and sympathy for their more radical brothers. And that is exactly what's happening
how many children does Mark Steyn have?
Steyn has 3 children. Why do you ask?
3 children that is good for the demographic future. Depending on which ethnic orientation his children adopt the West is ahead by three due to his and his partners efforts.
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