Monday, August 30, 2004

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BLOG CABIN REPUBLICANS: Yesterday afternoon after spending a couple hours at the big protest I headed up to The Grill in Bryant Park for an event with the Log Cabin Republicans.

It was very easy to pick me out as one of the few straight guys there. Amidst a sea of well-groomed, well-dressed men, there I was with my cargo pants and sweat-drenched plaid shirt.

I missed Mike Bloomberg's speech but got there in time for Pataki's. Actually, it was more of non-speech than a speech. First, he said 'Hi' and 'Hello' to a long list of New York State politicians who were at the event. Then he told us all what a great city New York was.

And then finally he made a brief comment about how diversity makes the Republican Party strong. He didn't use the word 'gay'. He didn't use the word 'homosexual'. Here was a man afraid to go on the record supporting a cause that he was nominally in favor of.

Perhaps I shouldn't blame Pataki. Perhaps I should blame all those in the party who are making him afraid. But when Arlen Specter and Bill Weld got up to speak, they were 100% clear about what they stood for. They don't believe in avoding the heart of the issue by saying that the states should decide for themselves about gay marriage. They believe that freedom really does mean freedom for everybody.

Of course, Specter and Weld aren't running for President in 2008. Maybe by that time the courts will have decided the issue and/or the majority of Americans will support gay marriage. That way, Pataki can just endorse the status quo.

Still, what he said just pissed me off. Talking about diversity is total bulls**t. I don't believe in gay marriage because I want affirmative action and political correctness in the bedroom. I believe in gay marriage because it is about equality before the law.

UPDATE: TNR was also at the event.
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