Monday, August 30, 2004

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FEWER PEOPLE DYING IN WAR: Contrary to the prediction of pundits and political scientists that the end of the Cold War would unleash an age of burning worldwide ethnic conflict and regional war, with the superpowers no longer imposing order on their client states, research from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and the Canadian NGO Project Ploughshares indicates that the world has actually become a substantially safer place lately - at least measured in terms of major conflict. The number of people killed in battle has fallen to 20,000 per year, the lowest number in the post-Second World War period. According to the ngo, in 2003 there were furthermore a total of 33 conflicts accumulating 1,000 or more deaths since they began, compared with 44 such conflicts in 1995. Of these, 19 were 'major wars', down from 33 in 1991. Also in the previous year, long-standing wars ended in Angola, Rwanda, and Somalia, and a conflict in the Indian state of Assam was downgraded from the 'major' category.
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