Sunday, August 29, 2004

# Posted 12:50 AM by Ariel David Adesnik  

I LOVE NEW YORK F****N' CITY: Tonight I knocked back a couple of mojitos with OxBlog legal correspondent EK. He didn't have much to report, although he said that he recently found himself at a urinal adjacent to the one being used by Justice Scalia.

It was a warm night and not too humid, so I decided to walk home from the bar at 34th & 3rd despite that the fact that it was a good two miles. I had half of a Cuban cigar to work with (thanks to the lovely Miss CH), so I figured I wouldn't be bored.

Bottom line, it was an incredible walk. New York is more alive than other city I've ever been to.

If you visit New York, no one will tell you that have you to see 3rd Avenue. It's not the Village, it's not Times Square, it's not Nolita. It's just another street. But it was full of Irish pubs and all night diners and beautiful women.

3rd Avenue isn't somewhere I ever spent much time before. I grew up in the Village and all my friends were either Upper East or Upper West. That's where respectable people lived twenty-five years ago. But now all of New York is New York. It will always suprise you.
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