Sunday, November 14, 2004

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INDICATIVE: From the WaPo:
In areas controlled by U.S. forces, loudspeakers mounted on Humvees urged that "all fighters in Fallujah should surrender, and we guarantee they will not be killed or insulted."
"Insulted"? Is that a mistranslation? A euphemism? Anyhow, the insurgents' response to the American announcement was even more indicative:
From a loudspeaker on a mosque still controlled by insurgents, the fighters replied: "We ask the American soldiers to surrender and we guarantee that we will kill and torture them."
The insurgents' are only doing us a favor by saying such things. The same goes for Zarqawi's decision to officially rename his outfit "Al Qaeda in Iraq". It's as if Zarqawi had asked himself, "Gee, how could I possibly persuade the American public of the necessity of fighting a war that many of them consider to be hopeless?"

Or even better: "How can I best validate George Bush's claim that the war in Iraq is an integral part of the war on terror?" You heard it hear first: Zarqawi is on the CIA payroll.
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Somehting Wrong with African Politics.
We Africans are great people and there is no question we have been through alot and unfortunately still going through even a whole lot. I have been observing the current situation of Ugandan politics and all that remember Uganda (most famous then)for its notorious dictator Idi AMIN have alot to reference with the current state of human rights under Y.Museveni.In fear of opposition the government is witchhunting political oponents,denying its nationals freedom of expression through the media.Media houses are restricted from publishing or airing any issues relating to the current percecution of political prisoners and esp that of main contender in the march 2006 presidential camphaign Dr Besigye. The government thruogh it's autocratic machine has hyjacked judicial freedom by intimidating the judges with military presence..soldiers weild with AK47's in courts of law.This kind of behaviour is casting a shadow over the current government hegemony in the East African region. The Ugandan leardership therefore ought to heed the word of former American president Eisenhower,'Governments must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence by military power because it misplaced and disastrous'. Though Uganda has made great strides in the areas of economic development, fighting HIV/AID but the current state of democracy is steadly sliding out of hand. Before we have another Mugabe's Zimbabwe situation the international community should put all necessary prussure upon Ugandan government to repect human rights and international law to which the Uganda is a signitory.

Geoffrey KATUMBA
Dept of Politics & International Relations.
University of Dundee.
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