Wednesday, December 22, 2004

# Posted 12:44 AM by Ariel David Adesnik  

"BUSH DESTROYS ANOTHER 22 FAMILIES": That's Kos's response to the latest attack in Mosul. It is unclear who was responsible for the attack, but a terrorist group with ties to Al Qaeda has taken responsibility. (Hat tip: Glenn)

What really concerns me is that Kos has a reputation for being a pretty mainstream Democrat, not a left-wing nut. What hope does the party have of persuading voters that it is serious about national security if this is how it responds to a terrorist attack?

I understand what Kos is trying to say. Bush got us into a bad war and he's responsible for the casualties we suffer. I disagree, but it's not a stupid point. Yet Kos' decision to vilify the president rather than the actual murderers suggests that he is completely out of touch with the American mainstream.

After a failed uprising in East Germany in 1953, Bertholt Brecht sarcastically remarked that since the people couldn't dissolve the government and replace it with a new one, the government ought to dissolve the people and replace them instead. Kos might want to keep Brecht's warning in mind.
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