Wednesday, November 30, 2005

# Posted 9:51 AM by Patrick Belton  

AN ADVANTAGE to the Chinese taking over the world is that we'll all have more sex. China leads the world in the number of reported lifetime sexual partners to date (19.3) ; the Irish (10.6) edge out the Brits and Americans (10.3), which is surely unrelated to superior alcohol intake (300 pints per person per year, vs. 228 in Blighty); the Vietnamese are at bottom with 2.5, and I know someone who's personally responsible for most of that. Care to pull more? Become a poet. Creatives have had on average between 4-10 sexual partners, compared with management bankers and other uncreatives at 3; their artistic output also correlates with their number of sexual partners.

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Oh, but we won't have more sex! Take a look at the frequency of sex chart, and you'll see that China ranks very near the bottom (no pun intended), and pretty close to Vietnam. Judging my this chart, I'd say that if you want to have lots of sex, you should be European and should not be Asian. We Americans do at least do better than those drunk Irish, though.
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