Monday, November 28, 2005

# Posted 11:34 AM by Patrick Belton  

On 28 Nov 2005, at 3:48AM, assaulted@serial-ballbusters.com wrote:
Hi ! I kicked a guy in the groin ! I've been caught on tape ! Click here to see my video.
Dear Assaulted,
This is the absolute worst spam we've ever received. Can't you sell penis enlargement pills or major New York City landmarks instead? yours faithfully, Patrick
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Well, gosh.

That's what you get when you offer an open thread.
said website delivers everything they promise.

and allegedly, the site caters to some bizzare fetish.
Ah, so somebody else read that New York Times article on the sales history of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Oh, the amazing history of fraud, from the 1883 building of the Brooklyn Bridge to the shameless spammers of today.

America! What a country!
We didn't want it when "America's Funniest Home Videos" gave it to us free, but now people will pay for it?
There's a forum I used to read a lot with a thread dedicated to ridiculous spam. It was started when the forum creator got a spam whose title promised a look at that common fantasy, "CHEMICAL SPILL IN PUSSY FACTORY"
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