Tuesday, November 01, 2005

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HOW BRITISH IS OXBLOG? Fortunately, now there's a test to see.

(Procrastinatory addendum because there's a bit more coffee left: Question four brings up the interesting point that by the usual standard - enfranchisement of both sexes with ability to stand for office, no racial bar from the vote - Britain becomes the world's first democracy at national level in 1918. Among dominions and provinces, the Pitcairn Islands get there in terms of women's suffrage in 1838, South Australia in a somewhat restricted fashion in 1861, and New Zealand in 1893 in terms of voting rights but not the ability to stand; then once more, South Australia with universal suffrage and the right to stand for parliament in 1894. New Jersey briefly extends women the franchise from 1776 until 1807, somewhat accidentally at first because of a drafting error and then formally from 1790. Coffee gone.)
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