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I DON'T LIKE TERRORISM BUT... A few weeks ago, there was a coordinated attack on several hotels in Amman, killing 56 people including a wedding party of Palestinians and several children. It was condemned even by the extended clan of Zarqawi, head of the Bin Ladenist franchise in Iraq. Here is the response of a Respect Party candidate, Yvonne Ridley. The good folk over at Harry’s Place have already denounced it. But the Red Mist is rising. Here she begins:

While the killing of innocent people is to be condemned without question,

Always a tell-tale sign. Throat-clearing, ‘I can’t justify terrorism, but…’ But one can try:

there is something rather repugnant about some of those who rush to renounce acts of terrorism.

Would you prefer us to renounce terrorism at a more leisurely pace?
There are things even more repugnant, like efforts to water down terrorist acts.

The extended family of al-Zarqawi, whose real name is Ahmed Fadheel Nazzal al-Khalayleh, not content with condemning his actions then went one step further - they reiterated their strong allegiance to Jordan's King Abdullah II in half-page advertisements in the kingdom's three main newspapers.

They never!

I'm not sure of their sudden urge to swear an oath of allegiance to the monarch was prompted by the fact al-Zarqawi had threatened to kill the king in an audiotape released two days earlier.

There’s just something about death threats that makes other people dissociate themselves with the aggressor.

"A Jordian doesn’t stab himself with his own spear’ said the statement by 57 members of the al-Khalayleh family, including al-Zarqawi's brother and cousin. "We sever links with him until doomsday." I doubt the statement will be regarded as a serious blow to al-Zarqawi. I know he loves his mum - let's face it, we all love our mothers but who could really give a flying fig about some great, great aunt or ancient uncle once removed from a half cousin's wife's mother?

We’ve really reached new heights of discussion here. Zarqawi loves his mum.

I mean he is hardly likely to bump into his cousins in downtown Fallujah or Ramadi to repel the foreign invaders and occupiers (that's the Americans and Brits to you and me).

'Foreign invaders.' Zaqarwi is from Jordan. Where’s that in Iraq?

The newspaper adverts droned on: "As we pledge to maintain homage to your throne and to our precious Jordan ... we denounce in the clearest terms all the terrorist actions claimed by the so-called Ahmed Fadheel Nazzal al-Khalayleh, who calls himself Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. We announce, and all the people are our witnesses, that we - the sons of the al-Khalayleh tribe - are innocent of him and all that emanates from him, whether action, assertion or decision."

Look, every family has its black sheep or that mad little aunt in the attic, but most of us just keep our own counsel.

There we have it. If a member of your family murders civilians, keep quiet.

Comparing the head of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia to an embarassing 'mad little aunt in the attic' trivialises Zarqawi's crimes. But it gets worse.

However, this decision by al-Zarqawi's clan is a cowardly move.

Poor Zarqawi. You thought the kids in the hotel had it tough.

Several days before the adverts appeared, dozens of men from the al-Khalayleh tribe held a rally to denounce al-Zarqawi. "If my son was a terrorist, I wouldn't hesitate to kill him," said distant relative Mousa al-Khalayleh during Friday's rally, claiming he spoke on behalf of the tribe. "This is the slogan raised by the tribe as of this moment." Hmm, I wonder if Mousa would be that vocal if he was sitting in the company of al-Zarqawi.

Probably not if his head had been cut off.

And how are the Jordanian royals reacting to this attack and threat? Well I suspect they are the real family which is quaking with fear and were so intimidated that they felt bound to 'ask' al-Zaqarwi's family to renounce his actions.

No, you might find that the victims’ families feel even more strongly.

After the hotel explosions we had Queen Noor of Jordan, looking more like a Bollywood actress than a queen, delivering a little lecture on Islam to the effect that she and the Jordanian monarchy love Islam while the "terrorists" hate Islam.

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the weakest technique in the book, putting talking marks around words. “Not” “actually” “an” “argument.”

What Queen Noor failed to explain on her CNN broadcast was that the three hotels, Hyatt, Days Inn and Radisson, are all US-owned and are seen as dens of iniquity by Jordan's reserved Muslim community.

This line of argument doesn't square that well with her first sentence, ‘The killing of innocent people is to be condemned without question.’

Now Yvonne insinuates that the dead civilians had it coming because they used the wrong building. From condemnation to justification in a handful of paragraphs.

Western TV viewers were also treated to images of "demonstrators" in Amman, waving Jordanian flags, condemning the assailants and telling Zarqawi to "burn in hell." What I can now tell you is that according to my man in the local Amman souk these demonstrators were Jordanian troops out of uniform as well as government lackeys. Their numbers were swollen with Christian and Muslim bedouins, all funded by the government ... no doubt courtesy of the boys from Virginia (CIA).

Sure. All tens of thousands of them pesky CIA lackeys. Not to mention the Jordanians in opinion polls who have expressed their revulsion from Zaqarwi’s methods in overhwelming numbers. Not to mention the 150,000 Moroccans who demonstrated against Al Qaeda in Casablanca. Not to mention the rising number of Moslem clerics denouncing terror.

Few Jordanians would be seen dead carrying those tiny little flags which had been mass produced in a nearby factory only hours earlier.

Hold on a little while, and you might see some of them dead.

How dare people use flags that are made in factories. Make your own flags. After all, death squads make their own bombs.

Of course the Jordanian media - not the sharpest tools in the box - failed to ask any of the relevant questions.

The dumb journalists must envy your razor sharp critical faculties.

I would want to know, for instance who paid for the half page adverts taken out in the country's top three newspapers? I would want to know who PAID for the 'spontaneous' demonstrations? Why did the security services - naturally a wee bit edgy after the bombings - allow such a demonstration to take place? King Abdullah's name would be near each answer, I reckon. Naturally jumpy, I bet he panicked and, realising that he's no longer immortal, tried to put on a show to the world that he's really loved and adored by his people.

Mmm. Or maybe the masses of Jordanians who protested don’t like wedding parties getting blown up.

So for two days we were treated to a motley crew of around 1000 marching and protesting up and down the streets. I'm sorry Abdullah, I wasn't convinced.

Actually, it was a motley crew of at least tens of thousands, or a hundred thousand by some accounts. But whose counting.

That isn't to say I wasn't upset by the images which came blasting out of my TV. I mean we can not simply shrug our shoulders at the deaths of 61 people.

Well you can apparently. And I get the feeling you’re about to provide cretinous excuses.

But let's have a closer look at those who perished:

Yes lets. Lets look more closely at the bodies of the little girls in the hotel. Or the bride. Or the mothers. Lets take a closer look at their dismembered corpses.

* Five of those who died were Iraqis who were working closely with America? in other words, collaborators. One Saudi, Indonesian and three Chinese intelligence officers were also wiped out. Shame, but those who live by the sword .....?

Those who live by the sword deserve to get killed, you mean soldiers like Casey Sheehan whose grieving mothers your Party claims to represent?

And who are these collaborators? Those Iraqis who are helping to rebuild civil society, mend power lines and bring back the water supply. What bastards. What about the 13 million that voted for the new constitution, are they collaborators too?

And then there was the wedding party. OK, so the guests were part of Jordan's upper echelons of society, others had flown in from America and were known for their close ties to the monarchy. But that still doesn't mean they should be punished for their status in life.

Actually, no civilian should be blown up in a hotel. Regardless of their politics.

Interesting though, that the bombers chose the bars serving alcohol for their martyrdom operations in two of the hotels. Now while we know alcohol is strictly haram, it's an Islamic ruling which the King of Jordan chooses to openly ignore, and in a Muslim country.

Not ‘interesting.’ Tragic. Killing people for drinking alcohol.

Yvonne offers us a dangerous moral universe out there. Don’t book in at the wrong hotel, don’t work for foreign intelligence, don’t booze.

King Abdullah is...protected by his CIA bosses and looked after by Mossad. Daddy Hussain, was also a CIA stooge who was even prepared to openly support Israel at a time when the secular Arab regimes were supposedly united against Israel. Abdullah's grandfather too betrayed the Palestinians which also explains why he was killed by a Palestinian.

Blow up people at a Palestinian wedding then.

Like his son, he couldn't care less what his own people think. Despite their overwhelming opposition to the illegal war in Iraq, the wishes of the Jordanian people were ignored - so much for democracy in the Middle East.

For Zarqarwi’s sympathisers, appeals to legality might not be your strongest ground.

Neither are appeals to ‘Overwhelming opposition.’ Like the public demonstrations against terrorist atrocities all over the Middle East, which you fantasise are just CIA muppets.

In fact, to be brutally frank, Jordan provides backing, support and intelligence to the American military which is carrying out genocide in neighbouring Iraq. Thousands of residents have been wiped out in the cities of Tal Afar, Qaim, Karabila, Haditha and Husayba, as they had done earlier with Falluja. Masjids, schools and hospitals have been trashed, but not one peep of criticism comes out of Jordan or its mealy-mouthed media.

You might find that the death squads in Iraq have had a major role in these killings. They tend to make a point of killing people and destroying infrastructure.

As I said earlier in this column, it is very hard to justify the deaths of innocents.

Maybe, but you tried valiantly.

But you know, I wonder if you see that attack on the Jordanian hotels in a different light now?

No. I still think it was abhorrent. Even after your pitiless, hypocritical propaganda.

My other posts will be shorter.


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I did see that on Harry's, but like your take on it. These people piss me off so much, they might just turn me into a hawk as well..
You're coming along nicely

Wow, Red Mist! Great opening act!
How Islam devalues life and how widely it is accepted. Ialam = cheap life = cult = death
Dear Axis of Islam,

I don't accept that true Islam devalues life. I think totalitarian ideologies do, including ones that pervert Islam.

I especially liked her transition from the death of innocents being "condemned without question" to, at the end, it being "very hard to justify the deaths of innocents." Giving ourselves some wiggle room, are we?
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