Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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Hi everybody,

David and Patrick have been very nice and asked me to guest blog here for the next week.

I can't offer David's forensic critiques of editorials, or his eloquent idealism. I can't offer Patrick's panoptic knowledge of everything, his fine internationalism or his eccentric titbits. I can only offer corpulence and regular flashes of anger.

It would be opportunistic to advertise my own blogsite. Very opportunistic. So I better get started. I'll be at Christopher Hitchen's forthcoming debate with Scott Ritter on 20 December in the Big Apple, so tune in to the Red Mist for immediate reactions.


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A warm welcome to OxBlog, big fella! We're really honoured to have you over here to play. And for everyone else, our corpulent Aussie here is absolutely top-notch, and will certainly be putting David and me to shame.
(re: Hitchens vs. Ritter)

What hall in NYC is big enough for both those egos?

Seriously, that should be an excellent debate.
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