Wednesday, November 02, 2005

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RETURN TO SARAJEVO: The World Service's Allan Little and Peter Burdin, who reported from Bosnia during the war in print and on radio, return and interview their original subjects a decade after Dayton, and alongside the drawing down of Paddy Ashdown's era as representative of the international community. I'll be writing in print later in the year on a related topic (on counterterrorism and the Nato-EUFOR handover), so I'll look forward to listening on the train ride down to Bern today, and returning to this subject tomorrow.

TRIVIAL PURSUITS: Paddy Ashdown has three first names: Jeremy, John, and Durham. Also 'Lord', if you want to count that, though it's technically somewhat more of a title. Note the conspicuous absence of 'Patrick'. He spent some time in NI as a child; hence Paddy. He also spent time in Delhi as a child, where he was in fact born; but to my knowledge no one calls him Vikram, or Madhusudhana even for that matter.)
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