Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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THREE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS: Of all the bold manoeuvres of national defence, this is by far and away my all time, desert island, cheer-me-up favourite:

In April 1979, Mossad agents broke into a French warehouse near Toulon and blew up the uranium-fuel casings stored there for early shipment to Basra.

My favourite anti-tribute to a dead statesman, Australian larrikin writer John Birmingham’s memorial to Joh Bjelke Petersen, the late Premier of Queensland (an Australian state). True, it possibly lacks class to claim that the corpse of your dead enemy should be preyed upon by hungry dingoes (but my God, how I laughed). On the other hand, Birmingham’s poison-spitting memoir reminds us that when major figures in public life die, doesn’t mean we have to pretend that we admired them or their legacy.

My favourite comeback line: I can't quote it exactly, but its from Graham Greene. It goes something like this.
Critic: For someone who claims to be a Christian, you're a pretty bad person.
Greene: Well, imagine what I'd be like if I wasn't one.

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