Sunday, November 27, 2005

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YOU VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS AND MAKE FUN OF ME FOR BEING CONSERVATIVE? I was reminded this weekend that New York City politics is a very funny thing. While enjoying a few pints in the warm basement of the Slaughtered Lamb on West 4th Street, both my girlfriend and one of my best friends from high school suggested that my contrary nature may be leading me to celebrate my conservative-sounding heresies (for a New Yorker, that is) just a little too much.

Naturally, I responded that those who voted for a Republican mayor earlier this month aren't in the best position to tell me that I am wandering too far in the conservative direction. Just as naturally, they responded that voting for Bloomberg doesn't count. And they are mostly right. I was, to a certain extent, just being contrary.

Nonetheless, the rush of upper-middle class New Yorkers to support GOP mayors suggests that certain issues provoke heresy among Democrats born-and-raised. For most New Yorkers, it is crime (or now the absence thereof). For me, it is national security. But in politics, heresy is often a good thing. It is what keeps the debate fresh and keeps the two-party system healthy in even the Reddest and the Bluest of the fifty states.
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Or more likely, it's competence vs. incompetence. Ferrer was a bungling fool, as was Mark Green. Bloomberg is a lifelong Democrat who switched parties for convenience sake upon Rudy's retirement. Unlike Rudy, Bloomberg didn't come to office on a crime-fighting platform. Your argument makes sense for 1993 and, to a lesser extent, 1997. But not for this election.
Or maybe you sound like a republican, while Bloomberg sounds like a democrat. After all, when was the last time your blog highlighted issues that really put Republicans "on the spot"? Like the Plame affair and the intelligence lies and the Republican corruption scandals?
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