Friday, December 09, 2005

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“I LOOKED AROUND the carriage and I made a very firm decision that ‘this is not where I die. This is not the end for me’.” Thus Ms Gill Hicks, who lost 75 per cent of her blood on 7th July and was the last to be carried out alive that day from Russell Square tube station - and who as the very image of the stiff upper lip tore her scarf in two amid the wreckage of the carriage, matter of factly applied tourniquets to both of her legs, and then in hospital learned to walk with prosthetic ones. Ms Hicks weds her fiancee tomorrow before the rescue staff who saved her, in one of the more touching wedding announcements to be carried yet in the Times. OxBlog's heartfelt congratulations, and deepest respect, to her and to Mr Joe Kerr.
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