Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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THE NETHERLANDS: STRUGGLING WITH JIHAD AND HOMOSEXUALITY. MercatorNet has a very interesting column up about the travails of a libertarian society struggling to integrate fundamentalist immigrants:
Interestingly -- given their much vaunted toleration -- the Dutch are ramming secularism down the less-than-enthusiastic throats of immigrants. This has its funny side. There is a campaign to “educate” people in Dutch libertarian values -- including gay marriage. Prospective immigrants are shown films featuring guys kissing in a park to gauge their ability to fit into Dutch society.
What? No films of girls kissing in the park? OxBlog is outraged.
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a libertarian society? what?
a lousy article...
An incredibly lousy article..

He doesn't even get the basic facts right. For those who are interested in the fascinating world of Dutch politics: society was 'pillarized' in four groups: Protestants, Roman-Catholics, Socialists and Liberals. And they formed four quite different societies, with different bakeries, butchers, unions, newspapers, newspapers, radio, television, schools, universities..

But the 'danger' that this'll collapose is bullocks. It crashed and burned in the late sixties and no longer applies to anything.
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