Wednesday, April 19, 2006

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ON HYPOCRISY: A well-phrased point by Michelle Cottle:
Ever noticed how nothing drives media types crazier than the thought of hypocrisy?...

Since more often than not the targets in question are conservatives, some will be quick to blame the liberal bias of the media--meaning that left-leaning journalists are always on the lookout for ways to bring down values-hawking conservatives...

But if you can bust someone for acting in a way that contradicts their own stated (or implied) beliefs, then you can savage them for being a hypocrite without having to comment one way of the other on the original misbehavior.
In other words, condemnations of hypocrisy allow journalists to preserve the fiction of their own neutrality.
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The two people who've been most consistently screwed by #42 going at it -- would be an interesting fight, he who ran to the left and she who ran to the right.

I say we make journalists wear red or blue armpatches based on how they voted in 2000.
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