Thursday, April 20, 2006

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THE STRENGTH OF DIVISION: Gonzo journalist John Birmingham suggests that internal dispute over the strategic, moral and political aspects of the war against terrorism is ultimately a strength, not a weakness:
The strength of an open political system...as opposed to dictatorships such as the theocratic fascist state which is the wet dream of bin Laden and his crew, is that there are, or should be, no sacred cows for us. If our political or military decisions are found wanting, they will be questioned and eventually they'll be discredited and discarded. We sometimes look weak and conflicted as we rake at each other over whether or not, for instance, Iraq was a good idea. But that process of questioning and contesting everything, which is anathema to totalitarian regimes, is one of our greatest strengths.
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It's a shame our patriots can't see the issue in the same light.
If our "patriots" saw the issue in the same light, then we wouldn't have two sides fighting each other - we would have one side- which would be bad and the point of the above quote. idiot...

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fact is if Iraq was wrong. Just plain wrong. People say you say that you are not real american. Well it a fact iraq was wrong.

BushCo/Neocon/replugican not making us strong just spend the money..borrow and spend. that what they do

fact is fact with hillary for president we would be out of debt and very very rich. Also, peace in middle east.

just a fact. sorry wingnuts.

Response to "Anonymous" in regards to my Idiocy:

When I said Patriots, my tone sure as hell included derisive quotation marks. What I was referring to, are the "Patriots" who believe that protest, and arguing for the rightness/wrongness of a situation is UNPATRIOTIC. Those who would call you UnAmerican for questioning the government and its actions.

I'm as Gonzo as it gets pal.

Learn to read between the lines next time.
The criticism on the right of critics on the left focusses on the perceived intellectual dishonesty of those critics.

That is, not all dissent is created equal. There is a feeling on the right (with some justification) that at least some of the criticism from the left is driven by a desire to see that everything Bush does fail, or be seen as a failure. If they have to harm the country in the process, so be it. I see no reason to be nice to those critics. Their dissent is not patriotic.
Strength and weakness. On the one hand, it makes for better decisions in the long term. On the other, it exposes our decision-making to manipulation (bribery, intimidation, propaganda), and encourages enemies who think they can win by greater determination. Because sometimes that works, too.
Agreed, not all dissent is noble and righteous. But any dissent that causes a government's leaders to consider more, and hopefully all, facets of a situation, is justifiable and necessary dissent.

Even being on the left, I'd prefer not to see the Bush administration fail with Katrina, fail with the rebuilding of New Orleans, fail with the security of a CIA agent's identity, ad infinitum. Not all lefties hate the right with blind fury.

Myself? I hate with open-eyed fury. I like to see the blows when they're coming.
See Rushdie's "children's" novel, Haroun and the Sea of Stories for a nice version of this argument.
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