Tuesday, August 08, 2006

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CONSERVATIVE ENVIRONMENTALISM: UK Tory leader David Cameron, an overnight environmentalist, has this to say about encouraging people to bicycle to work:
He wants more firms to consider ecological issues and said more workers would cycle if bosses provided showers.
Isn't there currently a water shortage in the UK? People should be showering less.

What a comeback line to use with my wife. Smell? Its to conserve our NATURAL RESOURCES!
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In the great scheme of things, I think providing showers to encourage cycling is pretty resource efficient. The dirty little secret about all water shortages is that most water is used by industry and agriculture, and they rarely pay anything like market value for it.
shhh, don't tell my wife
I like asking my left-wing friends why they're such climate reactionaries. Progressives are enthralled with the idea of changing the world; climate change sure fits.
Yes, it's easy to make fun of Cameron for trying to come up with ideas. But we'll see who's laughing in 10, 20 years or so. I don't know why I get upset about the environment - I don't plan on having children for eg. - but maybe there's more to life that selfish guzzling. Mind you, having children is often just another part of the selfish guzzling process - have car, have humvee, have two tvs, mcmansion, now have kids to put in it. Quel rant. I've missed your posts but! :)

PS bgates, progressives aren't enthralled by 'changing the world', but in 'progress', hence the term 'progressive' - natural disasters don't fit well with the ideal of improvement. I'm more a conservative, myself - I like to conserve. Except when it comes to ranting. cheers.

just having a laugh mate.

David Cameron might be prophetic, indeed epoch-defining, in claiming we should do more to arrest the imminent environmental apocalypse.

Read Bjorn Lomborg yet?
Riding a bicycle going to work is fine but showering less is not good. Oh no.
I don't think it's really meaningful to play quantitive scarcity games about water and oil, which is what this is about. Certainly here in the UK the scandal is the water companies which egregiously waste water owing to their fin de siecle pipes.

Cameron isn't prophetic or epoch defining - this is alas his problem: he is epoch-*defined*. His sincerity is touching, really it is, but if hundreds of thousands of Britons didn't already believe these things, CAmeron wouldn't be pushing them. It's all about power. Woof.
Oh yes, I was just having a laugh too! :)

Bjorn Lomborg - no - did you recommend something of his to me? I must have forgotten.

I read George Orwell's 'notes on nationalism' (1945) this week - it really did say everything about the present mess too. Have you read it? I especially appreciated the bits on transfered nationalism.
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