Saturday, August 26, 2006

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ENGLISH COOKERY TIP OF THE DAY: As I blink and blow my nose toward both wakefulness and sobreity, I thought I'd share a useful hint for the culinary palate currently hovering as a fading memory from last night. This over Higgins after dinner blend, it being uncomfortably soon after dinner.
From Jottings for the Young Sailor, by L.F. Callingham, London: Wilkinson Bros at the Ship Press, 2nd ed., 1942.

Appendix II. Cooking Hints
(No revision has been made to meet war restrictions.)

1. Frying.

Most things can be fried, e.g. chops, steaks, bacon, sausage, ham, fish, eggs, potatoes, bread, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.
The Italians are the best at coffee (or so they tell us). Where me beans.
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Orwell buffs may also enjoy 'In Defence of English Cooking'. c.f., for example, 'It is not a law of nature that every restaurant in England should be either foreign or bad'.

Another fancier of Callingham's forgotten jewel, the secretary general of the international maritime organisation, in his 1999 Lloyd's Register lecture quoted this titbit: 'Perhaps the worst plight for a vessel is to be caught in a gale on a lee shore. In this connection the following rules should be observed: 1. Never allow your vessel to be found in such a predicament.'
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