Thursday, August 10, 2006

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IN SEARCH OF AN ANALOGY: Dems in '06/'08=? Weisberg says '72, Schmitt counters '74. Who knew the 70's were back in fashion?
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A better parallel would be the Dems of 1954 when they reclaimed both the Senate and the House after the disgrace and fall of Joe McCarthy.
The first post-Lamont poll, by Fox News no less, shows the Democrats increasing their lead for Congress to 18 points - a high for ANY poll, and a huge leap over the last one. The poll was conducted both on the day of and after Lamont's victory, so the voters certainly heard all the media narratives about "Defeatocrats," and were unmoved. The British terror plot might change things a bit, but I doubt it will have staying power. Unless another plot is hatched and actually succeeds, the only real national security issue we'll be talking about over the next few months will be Iraq. And that won't help the Republicans.

The Democratic base is motivated. Independents are adamant that they want change. And Republicans are demoralized over the failure of 1994. This looks like 1974.
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