Thursday, August 10, 2006

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IN THE TRULY BIZARRE, YET WONDERFULLY INGENIOUS CATEGORY: Back during the UK mad cow scare I remember hearing people in the humanitarian demining world jokingly suggest using contaminated cattle to clear landmine fields. Well, all joking aside, check out this video of rats sniffing out mines in Mozambique. Incredible, and nothing to laugh at, given that in Cambodia for example, estimates put the demining project at over 100 years.
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A better technology is this:

There's even a game:

Unexploded Cow
I clicked on the video, but BBC said that the page doesn't exist.
sorry about that. for some reason the page won't hyerlink. This is the address though:
both mineseeker and the game are fantastic in their own rights!
Apparently, it is possible to use bees to detect landmines, as well.
Yes, the mineseeker site is down. From the wiki:

"The Mineseeker Project seeks to design a system to determine whether landmines are present in areas using ultra-wideband synthetic aperture radar units mounted on blimps."

It is funded by Branson.
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