Friday, August 18, 2006

# Posted 3:05 PM by Ariel David Adesnik  

MACACA! (THANK YOU, GEORGE ALLEN): If I hadn't been away from my laptop so much these past few days, I would've put up at least a half dozen posts about George Allen's latest descent into the theater of the absurd.

What I mainly feel toward Allen is appreciation. This world of ours has more than enough violence and hatred. What it needs more of is silliness.

On a related note, did centrist Republican operatives pay off Allen to embarrass himself? It seems like a sensible enough hypothesis. Allen has slowly been building up momentum as the standard-bearer of the GOP right. He has won various straw polls and beauty contests, emerging as something of an unofficial alternative to John McCain. Then Allen goes and mucks it all up by making a total jack of himself.

So what gives? Of course I'm kidding about the pay-off. I'm just so tickled by all of this that my mind has wandered off into conspiratorial speculations. The real issue, I think, is that Allen's supporters were so hungry for a credible standard-bearer that that they forgot to vet their own man.

My advice to Allen fans is this: Consider Sam Brownback. There's a much stronger case to be made for him.
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Brownback? The guy who made such an idiot of himself on the subject of stem-cell research?
Jeb in '08!
Macaca? I guess I never heard it was the name of a monkey.
What no one has said is that it sounds suspiciously like the word "Caca"...
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