Monday, August 21, 2006

# Posted 7:57 PM by Patrick Belton  

THE NEW JAMES BOND, NO SNAKES IN THAT! OCEAN 13, WHERE MY SNAKES AT? SHREK THE THIRD, GREEN, BUT NOT A SNAKE: SoaP, which written in abbreviation looks anyway like an internet protocol, is the New Media film: overrated, given far too much attention from the press, and featuring Samuel Jackson and a crateload of snakes. Well, similarities only take you so far.

See, anyway, not the film but rather Snakes on a Blog ('I spent the last eight months of my life blogging about a film called Snakes on a Plane'), which includes among other links ones to Snakes on another Blog and Snakes on Wikipedia. Of all of the parodies, including of unhappy memory Snakes who missed the plane and (the inevitable) All your snakes are belong to us, only Steaks on a Train in France (starring Michael Jackson, and pansy European vegetarians*) rises to the low bar of being better than the film itself.

*note:the author lives in Britain, and eats Scottish cows which will in later life obviate the need for night lights for his children
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