Saturday, August 05, 2006

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SUNDAY MORNING PREP: In the interest of being prepared for David’s Sunday Morning Round-up, here is a quick look at what some of the Sunday regulars are saying in their pre Sunday show op-eds. Or, “What they are saying in print today that they will be saying on air tomorrow?”

Clift asks: ‘where’s Cheney?’
Kristol slams Rumsfeld’s and joins the choir suggesting that he should be replaced by a post-primary-loss Lieberman.
Beinhart comes to Liberman’s defense, sort of.
Kagan suggests Lieberman’s sin was not recanting on the war.
Buchanan says its time to talk to the terrorists.
Ignatius looks to 1973 for middle east lessons, particularly regarding US involvement.
Blankley wonders if ‘world opinion’ has ever been right?
Dershowitz challenges the ‘occupation causes terrorism’ trope.
Novak looks at who's with Bolton and who's against him.
Krauthhammer questions whether Israel is, and will remain, a US ally or liability.
Brooks suggests the emergence of a 'Wal-Mart leisure class'.
Broder questions the wisdom of the status quo in both Iraq and Lebanon.
Blumenthal discusses the broader implications/connotations of sharing NSA intelligence with Israel.
And, Friedman, in big punditry news, makes a major shifts in position on Iraq.

OK, that's a start anyway, what am I missing?
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I still care about what Blankley, Kagan, and Krauthammer have to say. The others range from not very much, to not at all.
It isn't much of a stretch to apply Krauthhammer's criticisms of Israel's "war on the cheap" in Lebanon to the US's "war on the cheap" in Iraq. Indeed, given the US position in Iraq and its utter failure to "transform the region" through a preventative war, one has to wonder whether the Israeli's might question America's value as an ally... if they had a choice in the matter.
meh. You don't want to see a real war anon.
This speaks for it self and is why all Americans must unite together to elect “True Progressive Democrats” Now is the time not next year or next month. We must stand together and demand real change. We must be strong, bold and not be afraid to speak up. Say what is on your mind don’t go along with others just because it is the right thing to say politically.

When Americans look back they will see that B$SH was the worst “President” ever elected in our countries history. We can say one thing in defense though and that is we the people did not elect this corrupt, lying, miss leading criminal that we have to call President. He stole the election, which is why he is stealing our future, our children’s future and their children’s future.

This say’s it all http://www.carlsheeler.com/ images/billboard1.jpg

NOW is the time to unite, stand proud, speak up, and vote. Vote for “True Progressive Candidates” support all the candidates any way you can. Money is not the only way to support candidates who will fight for us and take back our country. We can encourage our family, friends and coworkers to make sure they vote in the primaries as well as the general election. We can make phone calls, email, and nock on doors or simply send $20 to help support our candidates who will truly represent the people.

Carl Sheeler is such a candidate from RI http://www.carlsheeler.com He has the vision, passion, integrity, and is not afraid to speak up for the people. Carl will defend our constitution and fight for all Americans.

If you have a candidate like Carl please send me their link so I may add it to my blogging for “True Progressive Candidates”
Or you can just vote for John McCain in 2008.
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