Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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SUNDAY MORNING ROUND-UP: Michael Chertoff is everywhere! ABC. NBC. CBS. You can't get away from him. On ABC, Chertoff was followed by McCain and Feingold. On NBC, by Tom Kean, Lee Hamilton, Howard Dean and Ken Mehlman. On CBS, by Pat Roberts, Jane Harman and Ned Lamont.

Also, Tim Russert and Bob Schieffer were both on vacation this week. David Gregory and Scott Pelley sat in their respective places.

Chertoff x3: B. Almost the exact same questions and exact same answers on every network. Few tough questions in the afterglow of a major victory in the war on terror.

McCain: B. Seemed a little lethargic. Didn't answer the questions as directly as usual.

Feingold: B. Said nothing kooky.

Kean & Hamilton: B. As usual, the dynamic duo from the 9/11 commission stay away from politics, except when blasting the administration on homeland security.

Dean: C. Still hasn't gotten the memo. The new Democratic strategy is to get tough on national security, instead of pivoting away to domestic politics.

Mehlman: C. Insists that the foiled airline plot vindicates warrantless wire-taps. Evidence? I didn't hear any.

Roberts & Harman: B. Very civil.

Ned Lamont: A-. This impressive amateur has graduated to Level 3. Level 1 is the ability is to respond to all questions with a party-line talking point. Level 2 is to respond to all questions with a relevant talking point. Level 3 brings a measure of sincerity and passion to relevant talking points.

As the Weekly Standard [!] wrote, "Lamont has real political talent." The question in my mind is whether he can cross the line from being a very good candidate to being truly charismatic. If he can, Lieberman is in very big trouble.

With regard to the hosts, Scott Pelley did a good job sitting in for Schieffer. In contrast, the often-combative David Gregory only threw softballs. See you in seven.
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In the twenty minutes after this post went up, I changed it twice, FYI. First to raise Dean and Mehlman's grades up to a "B-", then to push them back down to a "C".

I was a little unsure, which serves as a good reminder that these grades are highly subjective but still amusing.
David - when you refer to 'a major victory in the war on terror', are you talking about the bomb plot or the ceasefire in Lebanon? I assume the former, but if you mean the latter I'd be glad to know your reasons.
It was a surprise to find that Lamont is articulate, but I don't know whether that's good or bad. On the one hand--if he beats Lieberman--it helps to radicalize and marginalize the Democratic Party. On the other hand it's another death rattle in the tradition of bipartisan foreign policy.
Anon 10:05 -- the former.
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