Monday, August 21, 2006

# Posted 6:23 AM by Patrick Porter  

TAYLOR STAYS! The Dominions are here in force. Oxblog I'm proud to say has persuaded Taylor Owen to stay with us. Taylor is a fine scholar, although a touch politically reactionary.

Taylor brings even more breadth to the site, with interests ranging from Canadian politics to the strategic costs of bombing, from liberal internationalism to African affairs. He's also a hell of a nice guy. A doctoral candidate at Oxford, luminous pundit and a possible future Canadian ruler.

He's been blogging might fine for us as a guest, and now is upgraded to fully paid-up partner in the Oxblog firm.

Taylor, your forensic and provocative posts are eagerly awaited. Just go easy on the Creationism and the pro-polygamy outbursts.
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I'm also very glad to hear that Taylor is joining our resurgent right wing. Welcome on board, buddy!
If the Dominicans want to blog they should learn English.....
Taylor, glad you’re staying- I’ve enjoyed your posts. As for the comment above- last time I checked, you didn’t need to understand the rules of English to have a persuasive voice in American political discourse. Besides, blogs are supposed to be writing in the raw. Who was it that wrote “let’s hope a time is coming when language will be best used when it is best abused…let’s not neglect anything that might contribute to its corruption”? Taylor’s may not be the best abuse, but nevertheless stylistic idiosyncrasies are good- leave the grammatical debates to fusty people with nothing better to do (like classicists). PS It was Beckett.
I think anon1 was probably making a dry joke on dominions/Dominicans, with anti-immigrant sentiment in the States as a backdrop.

Taylor's English is usually all right enough. It's his French I'm worried about.
Ah, mai je suis en Quebec maintenant et je prends deux semaine de cours francaise! Merci pour l'incouregement!
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