Thursday, September 14, 2006

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BOOK 'EM: The Booker Short List for this year has been released. If you see your name below, you may win a very tidy sum of money, and a rather nice accolade ensuring you enough dinner invitations that you can bin the refrigerator.

*Kiran Desai's The Inheritance of Loss (Hamish Hamilton) (reviews in NYT, NPR, Globe)
*Kate Grenville's The Secret River (Canongate) (Observer, Guardian)
*M.J. Hyland's Carry Me Down (Canongate) (Guardian, Indy)
*Hisham Matar's In the Country of Men (Viking) (New Statesman, Sunday Times, FT)
*Edward St Aubyn's Mother's Milk (Picador) (Indy, Guardian)
*Sarah Waters's The Night Watch (Virago) (Guardian, Salon)

For my sins, I've not read any. Which I feel quite sheepish about. (Helpful note to any cobloggers who may happen to be Australian: referring to oneself as sheepish does not necessarily constitute a come-on. Bovine however may be a different matter.) I'd be curious if any of our readers may have done, though, and would very much like to hear your thoughts if you have.
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sheepish is OK just as long as you are not nervous
Just stay away from "ovine." On the other hand, http://www.shumavon.net/blog/2005/03/l-lupine-for-lists-like-this.html should cover quite a range of ill-advised hookups.
I wouldn't want anyone to carry me down the secret river in the country of men. Should this happen, the inheritance of loss would be probably occur on the night watch.
Surely it's all about Sarah Water's P? UKC! UKC!
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