Saturday, September 16, 2006

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GOOD IDEA OF THE DAY: This courtesy Auntie.
Some commentators in Rome have suggested it may be useful for his lecture to be translated into Arabic, so that people can make their own judgement and see for themselves in what context the quote was made.
In other developments, Outside the Whale retort interestingly to my post below and argue the Pope is doing his best to depict the west as crusading against Islam; also, the imperial dialogue may have been largely fictional. There's also a post by the BBC religion correspondent (link eluding my drink-addled brain) pointing out the Sura in question is generally held to be from the Prophet's middle rather than early period, showing at the very least Professor Ratzinger needs a new research assistant. Hey, I'm up for it.

Also, OxBlog London HQ has been taken over by Pakistani draq queens, who are at the moment making fun of other drag queens. I'm not making this up; I've merely woken up into the contemporary London version of the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (fewer drugs; more chai and makeup).
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How easy it is to look for reasons to disbelieve what the Pope said. You should take the BBC commentary with a grain of salt.

Translation is all well and good. Will it make any difference. The protestors take their cues from the Imans and their governments.
PS. I forgot. If the Pope quoted from the Koran isn't that an automatic death penalty.
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