Sunday, September 17, 2006

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THE NEW REPUBLIC TRIES TO SHOW IT ACTUALLY IS LIBERAL: The editors at TNR seem to be worried about becoming the journalistic equivalent of Joe Lieberman. And who can blame them?

In order to avoid that unpleasant fate, they've come up with a tough editorial blasting Republicans:
We don't want moderate Republicans to disappear, right? Surely we don't want Congress to descend irrevocably into bitter partisanship, do we? Actually, yes, we do. This November, it's time for voters to wipe out the remnants of the GOP's moderate wing--and without regrets.
Now why would TNR want that? The editors explain that:
When GOP moderates appeal to the spirit of bipartisanship or claim they can influence their leadership, they are recalling a bygone era...

[Their] displays of independence are a sham. Republicans have invented, or perfected, numerous methods of projecting the fake image of intraparty dissent.
That's a tough argument to make, unless the editors are prepared to argue that Sens. McCain, Graham, Warner and Collins are only pretending to oppose the White House position on torture.
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What a sad state our country is in when one qualifies as a "moderate" by being opposed to torture.
Well, given recent news it certainly appears that Sens. McCain, Graham, Warner and Collins were only pretending to oppose the White House position on torture.
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