Monday, September 04, 2006

# Posted 1:18 PM by Patrick Belton  

A NOTE FROM THE ROOM WHERE I DO MY SERIOUS ACADEMIC AND JOURNALISTIC WORK IN: One's friends' third, or leather, wedding anniversary is rarely an occasion where humour and taste happily coincide.

More precisely, humour (mine) and self-preservation (vis a vis friend's wife). Noting that, I was nobly plunging forth into eBay, the Soho Leather Club not really having been able to offer me much help this afternoon. May I just note approvingly, for benefit of those who find yourselves in a similar position: the eBay category which comes up pursuant to a search on 'leather' and subsequent clicks upon 'collectables', and 'weird stuff', is further subdivided into 'Unusual', 'Rather Strange', 'Slightly Unusual', 'Totally Bizarre', 'Not That Odd', and 'Really Weird'. Never has eBay provoked such love from me.

Happy anniversary, Vi and Amanda, you crazy lovebirds.

(UPDATE:Yes, it's the loo.)
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