Saturday, September 16, 2006

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SEC GEN STRAW POLL: The results of the General Assembly straw poll are in.

1. South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon
2. UN official Shashi Tharoor of
3. Thai Deputy Prime Minister Surakiart Sathirathai
Jordan's ambassador to the United Nations, Prince Zeid al-Hussein
5. Jayantha Dhanapala of
Sri Lanka, a former head of the UN disarmament department.

Of course, the poll doesn’t mean that much as the chosen one must be security council veto proof. Me, I’m still hoping for the dark horse Canadian
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I'd much prefer John Bolton.
haha. touché.
I thought the dark horse Canadian was going to be Maurice Strong.
In addition a Latvian has entered and the US has suggested that they might not be happy with the current state of affairs.

See http://chapter15.wordpress.com for details.
I'd much prefer Patrick Belton.
4. Jordan's ambassador to the United Nations, Prince Zeid al-Hussein

A prince replacing Kofi would be about what I expect from the U.N.
The choices above make the death of Sérgio Vieira de Mellos three years ago even more tragic.

he would have been an excellent choice.
Louise Arbour?! That's a joke, right?
How about Canadian Romeo Dallaire, former commander of UN forces on the ground in Rwanda (who wrote a scathing book about the UN's failure to respond).
Dallaire is fantastic, a diplomat he is not, however. Maybe if we get Senate term limits he will jump back into the UN world...
Too bad Oscar Arias Sanchez isn't available. His commitment to democracy is second-to-none and he may have strong enough anti-American credentials to appease the usual suspects.

Kim Dae Jung might work along similar lines. And Kim Jong Il wouldn't be a bad choice, since there's a lot less damage to do in Turtle Bay. ;)
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