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BAD COP: I watched a disturbing film last night about John Reginald Halliday Christie, an English serial killer:
Christie married 22-year-old Ethel Simpson from Sheffield, on 10 May 1920. It was a dysfunctional union, as Christie was impotent with her and frequented prostitutes. Friends and neighbors gossiped that she stayed with him out of fear. They separated after four years, when Christie moved to London and Ethel lived with relatives.

His convictions included three months imprisonment for stealing postal orders while working as a postman in April 1921, nine months in Uxbridge jail in September 1924 for theft, six months hard labour for hitting a prostitute (with whom he was living at the time) over the head with a cricket bat during an argument in May 1929, and three months imprisonment for stealing a car in 1933 from a priest who befriended him. Christie and his wife reconciled after his release in late 1933, but he did not reform, continuing to seek out prostitutes to relieve his increasingly bizarre, violent sexual urges, which included necrophilia.

On the outbreak of WWII, he joined the police force and was accepted, despite his criminal record. Assigned to Harrow Road Police Station, he enjoyed the new respect his position gave him and was hard working and efficient.
You should have seen Harrow's mean cop.
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Surely all those hyperlinks aren't needed. Edit please.
Not to mention his his implicating Timothy John Evans in the murder of Evans' wife and daughter at 10 Rillington Place, when in fact Christie killed them.

The story was made into the film 10 Rillington Place starring Richard Attenborough as Christie and John Hurt.

It effectively ended the death penalty in the UK as Evans was hanged for the crime to which Christie later confessed.
BTW, Patrick, I've got your back on the hyperlinks.
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