Sunday, October 29, 2006

# Posted 5:44 PM by Ariel David Adesnik  

SAFE SEAT IN NEW HAMPSHIRE NOW VULNERABLE TO DEMS: Liz Mair has an interesting post on how GOP incumbent Charlie Bass went from 20 points up to fighting for life against Democratic challenger Paul Hodes.

Even though New Hampshire is basically Red and Bass is a moderate conservative, the national climate is hurting him. Some polls have shown Bass tied with Hodes, although others show him with a substantial lead. According to Evans & Novak, Bass has run a disorganized campaign.

But some still think Bass' seat is safe. RCP ranks his district as only the 38th most likely to change hands. Similarly, the National Journal puts the district as 40th most likely to flip. But the simple fact that the seat is in play tells you a lot about how much trouble the GOP is in.
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Dude, what's with all the japanese???

Anyhow, I'm a New Hampshirite who has never voted Democratic in my life - always either Repub or libertarian - but this time around I'm voting against the repubs and for the dems. I hope Bass and those other dopes that have presided over the destruction of our rights enjoy their new position of ex-senators. I hope the dems realize why they were elected and set things right. History tells me that they will likely decide they "have a mandate from the masses" and take off in their own direction, sadly enough.

This is why the two party system that has evolved inevitably from the winner takes all voting system we use is bad. The only way to fix it is to use Condorcet or instant run off. We'll be much more likely to vote in a compromise candidate than one on the extreme margins.
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