Sunday, February 18, 2007

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MULTIMEDIA OXBLOG EXTRAVAGANZA: Several days ago I did a segment for the kind people at Worldview on cleavages and fractures within Hamas at the moment, and possible ramifications for the unity government. It's now available on webcast; be nice.

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PB, I keep hearing the "wipe off the map" thing to the point that it is getting to be disinformation.

That phrase is a bad translation, even if it captures a good part of the gist of Ahmadi-Nejad's sentiment.
see: here

Arab-on-arab violence is not part of the major narrative of Israel and her allies versus the Palestinians and their allies, so it is not terribly surprising that it doesn't make the headlines in quite the same way. For such violence, readers generally are engaged on different ethical terms, as true third-parties, not as moral agents by proxy, as it were.

I wonder if Israel isn't missing an opportunity to disarm Hammas, not literally, but perhaps by trying something like "provisional negotiations". After all, livable, pragmatic solution is the ultimate death-knell to the absolutism of the Hammas position...

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