Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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WOW. JUST WOW: Bill Clinton in Pennsylvania yesterday.
"I think there is a big reason there's an age difference in a lot of these polls," he said. "Because once you've reached a certain age, you won't sit there and listen to somebody tell you there's really no difference between what happened in the Bush years and the Clinton years; that there's not much difference in how small-town Pennsylvania fared when I was president, and in this decade."
I just finished listening to an abridged version of Clinton's autobiography (I just couldn't commit to the full thing). There are two things that are glaringly clear. First, it's all the evil "far right's" fault. Everything. It is never Clinton's fault. Second, and more relevant here, is that in 1992, Clinton was running a VERY similar campaign to Obama. Had Hillary been in the race, there is no doubt that he would be have mocked her as the establishment candidate. He would have been right, and he would have won. He would have done so using words, which he was at one point pretty good at. And he would have argued that a new generation was ready to have a turn in Washington. Sound familiar?

One more point. Is it really a smart idea to start attacking a whole new generation getting engaged in politics? Like Obama or not, bringing in millions of new voters is an undeniably positive result of his candidacy. Telling them they are naive, waving your wise ex-presidential finger at them, is just demeaning.

HRC: "No you can't. No you can't."


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Has he checked the old African-American demographic? The old male demographic?

His definition of wise is narrow and insults so many that one has to question his wisdom. A man can support his wife without patronizing, condescending smugness.

I'm 55 and he just called me stupid, too.
Who's going to start a third party so another Clinton can get elected? Without Perot, George H. W. would have coasted home. And, oh, yes, Hillary will have to arrange for at least six years of a Republican Congress so the economy won't go in the tank. She's got a lot of work to do.
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