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OBAMA-BIDEN (REDUX): Just a quick note to mention brag that I called Obama-Biden online FIVE MONTHS ago, and to those that have to put up with me in person, in the FALL of 2007.

Needless to say, I'm excited about the pick. Of course, Biden is as good as it gets on foreign policy. As Arbinder pointed out this morning, world leaders call him for advice. But more than this, the fact that Obama has chosen a fun, very smart, no-bullshit running mate confirms his character. No more Edwards' or Liebermans. Two direct, real, honest candidates who have both bucked the traps of superficiality that riddle partisan politics. Bring it on.
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Biden certainly begins to offset Obama's weakness on defense and national security. But Biden is a very liberal senator, as is Obama, and these guys are running in a center-right country.
yeah, on the democratic side, Biden is probably as good as it gets. just illustrates how light the Democrats are.

and obama bucking the 'superficiality'? isn't the textbook example of superficial? and bucking partisanship? on exactly what has he aligned himself with anything that runs counter to party dogma?
How many times has Biden been right on foreign policy?
Please pardon the shameless self promotion but I discuss it here on my blog:


Short answer: not much.
Biden on Iraq.

Split Iraq up, just like Yugoslavia.
Biden was a much riskier choice then Clinton.
I'm still to be honest not sure where I stand on partition. I recently spent some time in the Kurdish Region. As the trip was under the auspices of the KDP, I heard a lot about a "three state solution." Some US officials I spoke with argued that while it may have been feasible a couple of years ago (when Galbraith, Biden, etc were talking about it), the influence of the Iranians in any Shiite partition now makes the idea unpalatable. The Kurds are of course still pushing for it, but that has to be taken with grain of salt. Anyways, for what it's worth...

Taylor, that's an interesting issue you bring up with partition and the divided loyalties it hits on. Iran would want a partitioned south that it can dominate, but not a partitioned north that will destabilize its own Kurdish region. The U.S. might accept a partioned north but not south for the same reason (but is also conflicted on the north because of Turkey's Kurdish population). The Sunnis don't want partition because they don't have any oil.

My guess is Turkey is the deciding factor--no partition.
"world leaders call him for advice"

Which ones? Are they competent and trustworthy types?
"world leaders call him for advice"

Left overs from Kerry 2004
How's that awesome Biden pick working out for Obama a month later?

Not so well.

If Obama loses this election, it will be in no small part because he wasted his VP pick on Joe Biden. I kind of like Biden, but he is really only a legend in his own mind. He strikes me as a bright person who is deeply insecure that he is not bright enough and so he overcompensates by constantly flogging his "genius." He's middling as a Senator, but I find the thought of Joe Biden as President kind of scary. It would seem that the vast majority of Democratic primary voters agreed.

So, I ask again, what is this guy doing for Obama's ticket?

I'm glad there haven't been too many "foot-in-mouth" moments for Biden. I think it could have been a lot worse. After all this seriousness I just want to laugh a little at the campaigns. Here is my favorite website for political humor if anyone is interested..

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