Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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I COME BACK TO YOU NOW, AT THE TURN OF THE TIDE.  We are just hours away from the inauguration of a new president.  I am just hours away from a new venture in the blogosphere. Nine months ago, I took an extended leave from OxBlog in order to join the foreign policy and national security staff of John McCain's campaign for president.  It was an educational experience to say the least.  I am extremely proud to have worked for Sen. McCain.

Since November 4, I have been considering where to go next.  I haven't really made a decision yet.  I've returned on a part-time basis to my old job as a policy analyst.  But for the first time, I want to dedicate a significant percentage of working hours to writing, both in print and online.  In the past, blogging was always a project for my after-work hours.  That is probably the most important reason I was never able to blog as much after finishing graduate school.

Effective tomorrow, I will be posting both on OxBlog and on Conventional Folly, the headline blog for DoubleThink magazine.  DoubleThink is sponsored by America's Future Foundation, which describes itself as "the premier non-profit network of young conservative and libertarian leaders, nationwide."  The chance to work with some of these people is one of the most important reasons I wanted to be part of DoubleThink and Conventional Folly.  On that note, I'd also like to give a shout-out to DoubleThink's editor, Cheryl Miller, who asked me to join the blog.  Cheryl served a while back as a White House speechwriter, in addition to being remarkably intelligent and talented.

My plan for the moment is to cross-post all of my DoubleThink posts here at OxBlog, so this can still be a one-stop shop for my writing.  Nice and easy.  Glad to be back.

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