Tuesday, February 03, 2009

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CAPPUCCINO CONSERVATIVES: I grew up in the liberal hothouse of Greenwich Village. Although my politics have strayed, my culinary tastes seem to be in perfect alignment with my coastal elitist upbringing. First of all, I like arugula almost as much as President Obama. Now it turns out, we like the same bottled iced tea:
There is also a new addition to White House cuisine: the refrigerators are stocked with the president’s favorite organic brew: Honest Tea, in Mr. Obama’s preferred flavors of Black Forest Berry and Green Dragon.
Several months ago, I would've said that Honest Tea is my favorite brand. But my new #1 is the slightly more expensive Inko's.

Also, an open question: What is the earliest known use of the term "cappucino conservatives", i.e. the right-of-center counterparts of the latte liberals? I used the term myself in March 2005.
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"latte liberal" is a variation, a modernizing, of the old epithet "limousine liberal," the out of touch person who uses his personal wealth to protect himself from the consequences of the disasterous public policy programs he supports and thinks himself a good person for supporting.

What is a "cappucino conservative" that makes him/her a right wing "latte liberal"?
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