Sunday, March 01, 2009

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"We now have moved a major step in the direction of socialism," Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) said Friday, adding: "We are close to a fascist system where the government has control of our lives and our economy."
It sounds funny, but when you think about, the full name of the Nazi Party was the National Socialist German Workers Party. Who says fascists can't be socialists, too?

Anyhow, not surprisingly, the WaPo's coverage of CPAC amounted to a compilation of the most ridiculous and/or politically incorrect things anyone said there, plus a brief dismissal of conservative ideas as "little more beyond the notion of keeping government limited and 'unleashing the power of freedom' in the lives of Americans."

And I shouldn't forget a third essential point: Reprinting conservative self-criticism that echoes liberal talking points:
Huckabee sounded a populist note: "We've got to get the word out that the Republican Party is not just a haven for rich white guys who want to get richer.
This article belongs in the official MSM textbook on how to trivialize a subject while pretending to provide objective coverage.

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Who says fascists can't be socialists, too

Fascism have always been a strain of socialism, it's never been anything but a form of socialism. As R.C McCain recently pointed out, not one American in a thousand has the slightest idea what a fascist is.

Contrary to the propaganda efforts of the left-wing members of the media, fascism is a left-wing phenomenon (real fascists, anyway, I have no idea what skinheads are politically).
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