Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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PLATITUDES! Hillary Clinton gave her first big speech today as Secretary of State. To be fair, every politician fills his or her orations with an impressive array of insubstantial platitudes. But today's assortment was still impressive. Here are the best:

Rigid ideologies and old formulas don't apply.

I've also seen how hope, hard work, and ingenuity can overcome the longest of odds.

And all that I have done and seen has convinced me that our foreign policy must produce results for people.

Our approach to foreign policy must reflect the world as it is, not as it used to be.

We are determined to channel the currents of change toward a world...in which more people in more places can live up to their God-given potential.
Finally, my favorite one of all was Hillary's description of:
The people, hundreds of millions of them here in America, and billions around the world, whose lives and experiences, hope and dreams must inform the decisions we take and the actions that follow. These are the people who inspire me and my colleagues and the work that we try to do every day.
I look forward to a foreign policy motivated by billions of hopes and dreams. I am such an idealist!

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