Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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DR. OBAMA IN 800 WORDS: I was actually glad to see that Barack Obama had written an op-ed about healthcare reform for the Sunday Times. I haven't paid serious attention to all the talk about death panels and astroturf. I'm a foreign policy guy and I'm not all that interested in the tactical politics of healthcare reform.

Sure, I am a Republican and I am skeptical of all things Obama. But I haven't written him off in the healthcare debate. I figure the White House will soon wake up and accept that its strategy of waiting for Congress to produce a plan has become a dead end. And then the President will finally tell us what kind of reform he actually wants.

Just not yet. Yesterday's op-ed was a wish list, not a plan. Yes, we all want affordable insurance that will move with us from job to job. We all want doctors and patients to make the important decisions. We all want rapid care that prevents problems before they happen.

But what will it cost? How will we pay for it? Do we need a public option? Don't ask me. And don't ask Barack Obama.

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