Thursday, August 27, 2009

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THE MYSTERY OF A "LIBERAL CONSERVATIVE" FOREIGN POLICY: Will Inboden ably explores the mystery of what British foreign policy will look like once the Tories take charge (since everyone in London knows the will). Will explains why, from a British perspective, it actually makes a certain amount of sense for the Tories to talk about having a "liberal Conservative" foreign policy." Still, its contents are more than somewhat vague. Will writes,
For all of David Cameron and the Conservatives' political success in becoming poised to win nationwide elections, their policy priorities remain elusively vague. This is certainly true on domestic policy, but even more so on foreign policy, which remains an enigma to many British observers. The politics of this are understandable. Why spell out specific policies which might elicit criticism and turn off some voters, especially when Gordon Brown's manifest governing failures make almost any opposition party look good in comparison?
An opposition party coming to power without making clear what it actually stands for? Just by attacking the unpopular incumbent? In a country that is one of the world's great democracies? Perish the thought!

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